Building a name in an industry with numerous players with almost similar services is such a challenge, an industry dominated by the biggest names in the country backed with years of experience and customer recognition. But we didn’t come unprepared; we make sure we will offer something that will differentiate T&J among others. Yes, we offer the same services like other standard salon but the skills and process and the way we do what we do makes us what we are, the people behind the scissors, combs etc. are Professional Korean hairstylists, the Filipinos are well-trained to meet the quality standard outcome. We take quality and customer service seriously for they are the reason behind increasing customer loyalty. And we believe Innovation is the key to meet with the dynamic industry and customer’s demand.

We are in the service to provide our clients with a look that makes them feel good about themselves, a look that can boost confidence and thus make them feel they can do something better, whatever it may be. We are here to help improve lifestyle… to make people happy, to help bring positive change to the community.

We don’t limit ourselves within the salon to make people happy; we give back to the community by sharing our blessing to the unfortunate ones. This is our way of strengthening our commitment of enhancing lifestyles.

We are still a work in progress and our company has bigger dreams.  We will continue to build on our brand and become a major player in the Philippines, to penetrate other countries in Asia and soon, the world. 

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