For more that ten years, what we aim for is reaching out to more, and by more we are thinking Global.  We have visions of expanding to neighbouring countries to give more service to other fellow Asian market.

CEO Message

Building a name in an industry with numerous players with almost similar services is such a challenge, an industry dominated by the biggest names in the country backed with years of experience and customer recognition. But we didn’t come unprepared; we make sure we will offer something that will differentiate T&J among others. Yes, we offer the same services like other standard salon but the skills and process and the way we do what we do makes us what we are, the people behind the scissors, combs etc. are Professional Korean hairstylists, the Filipinos are well-trained to meet the quality standard outcome. 


C.I. Information

No logos may be modified from its branded look and must be displayed according to the established logo usage guidelines.  Tony & Jackey Beauty Salon Corporation logos including but not limited to Bangs Prime Salon, T&J Salon Professionals, Bangs International Professional Cosmetology Institute and Asia Bangs First Group are the property of Tony & Jackey Beauty Salon Corp.



We are professionals who has the heart and desire to consider other people’s well-being in congruent with our passion and sincerity of the business.

We would like to move forward backed up w/ circular relationship with the Filipino community. To strengthen it, is what motivates our company.


Goal and Vision


Deliver to the World market the pride of salon skills and services of the Koreans.


Business Principles

Keeping clients, improving employee benefits, exercise corporate social responsibility, and operating in accordance with the Philippine local and national laws.



Since the Korean invasion is very much on and still going strong, one brilliant mind came up with the idea of establishing a salon that would cater the needs of Koreans and give them the satisfaction that they are like in their own country. The idea was put into action where a sole proprietor took the challenge of opening a salon in 2001 that is located in Remedios Street, Corner, Guerrero Street Malate.


Social Contribution

Our motto is "Sharing love is not an option it's a duty."

Tony & Jackey Salon Corp. take corporate responsibility seriously. It has been the company's tradition to give back or share the blessing we received to the financially challenged individuals.


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