Asia Bangs First Group Corporation

Bangs International Professional Cosmetology Institute

T&J Salon Professional is created from the masters of techniques, from training ground of Bangs Tony & Jackey Salon same professionalism and quality made affordable.

The notion of SHARING (The Korean Salon Expertise) is what inspired the management to out-up an internal formal course at the head office of Tony & Jackey in 2011 to develop further Filipino stylists. The products of these training were molded and prepared for another opportunity, the creation of T&J salon professional to cater to the potential market not served by the existing Tony & Jackey Beauty Salon, the lower market seeking for quality and economical, in terms of price, salon service.

The Biggest Korean Salon in the Philippines.

Bangs Prime Salon is well known in the Philippine as a salon catering to market Class A, B and C in all walks of life. We offer salon services with Koreans as the primary hairstylist. Our competitive advantage is offering high class quality service at an affordable price with skilled Korean Stylist educated in their field for a minimum of 5 years.

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